In today’s supply and demand we need to produce at an ever increasing rate while providing quality products. There are difficulties in knowing and giving our soil the nutrients needed to grow the products requested. This is where fertilizers come in. Along with regular crop rotation and management, providing the soil the nutrients to regenerate itself.

We offer a variety of fertilizers. Whether you need conventional N-P-K products for your crops, specialty mixes for high-value horticultural operations or anything from fertilizer enhancement products to new bio-based, blended and stored products, Agromart covers all your crop nutrition needs.

Don’t hesitate to come in and talk to one of our Certified Crop Advisors to help you make agronomic decisions that improve your bottom line, or simply improve the look of your lawn or garden production.

Granular Fertilizer

Granular fertilizer is the traditional way of improving soil capability in growing quality products.

Liquid Fertilizer

Grand Falls Agromart has been supplying liquid fertilizer in cereal production for the last two years and has proven to be very successful.

Crop Protection

To grow full quality crops, Grand Falls Agromart offers a full range of pesticides to help you deal with the ailments.

Storage Fogging

A process by which we slowly release a fog treatment through the ventilation system of the potato storage.

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