Storage Fogging

Is an innovative storage facility treatment application technique. A process by which we slowly release a fog treatment through the ventilation system of the potato storage. Sprout and peep control, pressure bruising and shrink are quality issues that storage managers face every year. The length of time we’re keeping our potatoes in storage has grown. We have products to help you keep your potatoes as fresh as the day you cultivated them. Potato storage quality management is our job throughout the winter months. Here are some of the most common products we use;

  • PIN NIP 98% CIPC

    Registered since 1995, is a stable, solid potato sprout inhibitor. Years of research, development and testing have demonstrated significant application benefits from the use of solid CIPC over the liquid formulation. This formula ensures maximum control as well as benefits in storage, handling and application.

  • 1,4 SHIP®

    Delays peeps and controls sprouts, whether potatoes have been previously treated or not.

    Maintains firmness and crispness of potatoes during shipping, reducing load rejections or downgrades.

    Restores dormancy and helps potatoes retain moisture. Extends shelf life for higher customer satisfaction.

    Extends shelf life for higher customer satisfaction.

    1,4SHIP® effectively restores natural dormancy of potatoes, which slows the conversion of starches into sugars and helps maintain moisture levels. This dormant state also prevents potatoes from peeping.

    The active ingredient, 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene, is commonly known as DMN. It is identical to a naturally occurring plant substance found in potatoes and other vegetables. 1,4SHIP poses no residue issues and the PMRA has exempted it from tolerance requirements.

  • 1,4 SIGHT®

    Incorporating 1,4SIGHT® into your storage treatment plan can provide unprecedented success in managing these common storage challenges. Maintaining dormancy helps retain potato firmness resulting in fresher appearing potatoes and fewer load downgrades.

    1,4SIGHT® can be used as a stand alone product or to supplement your CIPC sprout control regimen. It works internally to delay sprouting activity, whereas CIPC works externally to prevent peeps from sprouting. Together they extend dormancy while controlling sprouts.

    1,4SIGHT® penetrates through the potato skin to restore its dormancy. Dormancy lowers the respiration rate slowing the loss of moisture and solids, thereby diminishing shrink and susceptibility to pressure bruise. Restoring dormancy may also shorten the post-harvest “sweat period.”

  • 1,4SEED®

    The active ingredient is a molecule that is natural to the potato. Once applied, it penetrates through the potato skin, enhancing and restoring dormancy. The sprout suppression is temporary in nature and fully reversible. It dissipates out of the potato over time, depending upon storage temperature, the amount of ventilation and the rate that is applied.

    1,4SEED® is an essential tool for managing seed potatoes and providing a seed grower with maximum flexibility.

    Stabilizes dormancy to maximize seed vigor at time of planting.

    Keeps potatoes dormant even in storage bins warmed during partial shipments.

    Helps reduce shrink to provide more salable product weight.

    Encourages uniform plant emergence in the field.

    Reduces the negative impact of apical dominance in certain varieties.

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