Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer practices exist elsewhere in North America, specifically in the western provinces and states. Ontario potato growers have been using this technology for a number of years with great success. There has been a significant interest in our local growers on wanting to adapt to this practice. Grand Falls Agromart has been supplying liquid fertilizer in cereal production for the last two years and has proven to be very successful.

We believe liquid fertilizer to be more cost effective than conventional granular practices. It requires less fill up times in the fields. The application rates are not influenced by relative humidity (morning vs afternoon). There is less bulk material to handle, and there is no segregation of products compared to granular fertilizer (consistent uniformity).

Before implementing liquid fertilizer as a practice on a large scale in potato production, Grand Falls Agromart wants to demonstrate on a smaller scale in strip trials on a local farm. We are attempting to demonstrate an increase in quality by applying a more precise rate and timing in fertilizer inputs, while limiting leaching of nutrients in the soil and maximizing the crops uptake of said nutrients, lowering the cost of production to the grower.

We have been involved in the process of testing for the past 5 years. Our plan is to keep gaining trust with our growers, keep developing the products to suit the needs for this particular area. We are still looking at collecting data to ensure progress and innovation.

We can now create liquid blends custom to you after we analyse your soil and or your plant tissues.

Here is the list of products we carry to make your custom blend.

Tessenderlo Kerley products

  • N-sure

    Slow release Nitrogen ideal foliar fertilizer for all crops.

  • Thio-sul

    Increases yield by satisfying essential needs for nitrogen and sulfur.

  • KTS

    Contains potash and sulfur.

  • Cats

    Clear liquid amendment containing calcium and sulfur reduces the harmful effects of salts in the soil.

  • MagThio

    Efficient source of soluble magnesium and thiosulfate sulfur, aids in the correction and supplementation of nutrient deficiencies in fruit and vegetable and forage crops.

  • K-Row

    Developed for starter and in-furrow (pop-up) fertilizer applications. Soluble potassium and sulfur.

Exclusive to Agromart is NutriAg

  • Plant activators
  • Water Soluble Feeds
  • Drip Feeds
  • Green Blade Turf Line
  • GranuMax Line
  • Max Line
  • Organic Lite Line
  • Boron Line
  • Fertiflo Line
  • Truphos Line

Additional Products such as

  • CalNit
  • CalBor
  • MagNit
  • MagSul
  • Manganese Sulphate
  • Micro Urea (prill)
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Smart Soil
  • SoMo

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